Our Story

Tender Luv Baby Products, Inc. was established in 1965 on a single proprietorship, Gerico Products, Inc. was then known as Hercules Manufacturing. Back then, the company concentrated solely on manufacturing baby products such as walkers, strollers, and playpens under the brand name of Hercules Manufacturing.

In 1968, Hercules Manufacturing decided to get an additional business permit under the company name of Roger Chen Commercial. This company was intended to concentrate on the importation of baby products like scooter, walkers and strollers. Since business was expanding, the company decided to relocate to a bigger premise in Quezon City in 1969 to address the need for decongestion.

Hercules Manufacturing and Roger Chen Commercial was then consolidated and renamed Gerico Products in 1986. This company started to manufacture feeding bottles as well, under the brand name Tender Luv. It further ventured into export business in 1987, doing business with clients from Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

In 1995, the company revolved into a corporation, thus, changing the name from Gerico Products to Gerico Products, Inc. (GPI). GPI constantly strives to be competitive. It soon acquired and became the official licensee of Warner Brothers’ Baby Looney Tunes to exclusively distribute its baby products in the Philippines.

In October 1, 2010, the corporate name Gerico Products, Inc. (GPI) has been changed to Tender Luv Baby Products, Inc.

Tender Luv Baby Products, Inc. believes the company derives its success by adhering to these core values:


Tender Luv constantly strives to be the best by listening to their clients and customers to offer them the best quality infant products at the best possible price. It takes pride in working hard not just to meet, but surpass the expectations of its clients and customers.


Tender Luv is aware that the infant product industry is getting more and more competitive and that the end-users, the parents, are getting smarter in their choices. Thus, it is integral that the company constantly offers new and innovative infant products with product-conscious consumers in mind Tender Luv also continues to push itself to be better with consumer research and inventing products to cater to its consumers’ specific need.


Tender Luv owes its business to the dealers, consignors and distributors. Hence, it is paramount to deliver good product and service, and especially value fairness in dealing with them. Tender Luv maintains good relationship with them through communication, the more direct the better. Through this, the company gets regular updates on their products to further improve its business.


Tender Luv acknowledges the importance of its staff in actualizing the company’s mission and vision. The company believes in each staff member’s skills and talents and challenges them to be better. It also believes in listening to them and helping one another to make the company’s dreams and their dreams grow.


Tender Luv aims to satisfy the changing needs of their customers in the different markets by offering new and innovative infant products and staying true to its corporate values.


Tender Luv manufactures imports and invents quality and innovative infant products to sell at a reasonable price with various product lines to cater to the Class A, B and C markets. Tender Luv continues to exceed customer expectations by constantly communicating the company’s goals to its staff and ensuring excellence in each work department to deliver quality products and services to its consumers.